Excel Learning Center

Our academic tutoring programs assists students in addressing learning problems, overcoming specific challenges in a subject area and improving overall academic performance. Throughout each session, students receive individual attention and are taught at their own unique learning pace. Our experienced tutors provide extra help in understanding the fundamentals of a specific subject, conduct solid review sessions before tests and final exams, and develop study skills to increase academic performance. We offer a wide range of tutoring subjects:

Academic subjects

  • ♦ Mathematics (Elementary to Calculus)
  • ♦ Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • ♦ Reading Comprehension and Writing
  • ♦ English Language and Literature
  • ♦ History (U.S., European, World)
  • ♦ Foreign Languages (Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese)

Test Prep

  • ♦ SSAT

  • ♦ SAT & ACT
  • ♦ PSAT
  • ♦ AP Exam
  • ♦ SAT Subject Tests
  • ♦ College Essay Writing