Excel Learning Center
The premier tutoring center in Hawaii

What is the teacher-student ratio?

We provide both individual and semi-private instruction. Our intensive private session is one teacher with one student. The semi-private session has two or three students. We have found that individualized tutoring is more effective when the teacher to student ratio is small.

Why is your test preparation program more effective?

Our test preparation instructors teach actual tricks, short cuts, tips and various methods of solving each type of problem. We have also analyzed the types of questions and how often they may appear on the test. Our instructors provide thorough explanation for each question and teach students the best approach to solve each problem.

How do we evaluate and monitor the student’s progress?

We follow and monitor the student’s progress every step of the way. Besides daily lesson logs, regular take-home reports and conferences with parents, we communicate and coordinate with the student’s school and teachers to synchronize the student’s learning process.

Do you hire college students to teach your students?

Many of the learning centers in Hawaii hire college or even high school students to teach students. Excel Learning Center’s faculty are all experienced and qualified teachers with advanced degrees specialized in their field of study. When choosing a learning center, we advise the parents to ask if your child will be taught by college students working as part-time tutors.

Can a student raise their scores on a standardized test?

Yes. Although standardized tests are designed to test the general knowledge of the student, each test has a cluster of common questions that test-makers tend to ask frequently. We have studied test questions from previous years closely and found trends in each test. This approach offers students the most effective strategies and skills in scoring high in the tests. On average, our students have raised their scores by 50%. Some have raised their scores as high as 100%.


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