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Kindergarten Admission

Excel offers an educational program that builds and enhances learning readiness for Pre-K children applying for Kindergarten admission.  Our program focuses on cognitive, language, concept, motor-skills, reading/writing readiness and social & emotional development.  The program also helps Pre-K children develop skills in the areas of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Verbal and logical reasoning
  • Listening and following directions
  • Language and vocabulary building
  • Classifying objects and concepts
  • Arithmetic reasoning
  • Sequencing and recognizing patterns
Sessions are conducted through structured and non-structured activities in a fun and relaxing environment.  Students engage in role playing and having hands-on experiences for the ‘group interview/observation’.

Excel has developed an optimal preparation program for students who are seeking 4th grade admission to private schools. Students will follow a planned curriculum tailored to meet different levels of capabilities. The program covers the following areas:

  1. Strengthen math concepts and their application in word problems.
  2. Develop verbal reasoning and reading comprehension skills.
  3. Practice writing a story with a beginning, middle and conclusion. Be able to express ideas through written responses to open-end prompts.
  4. Learn helpful tips, test-taking skills and strategies.
  5. Reinforce learned skills with take-home assignments.

Beginning by reviewing the basics, followed by building subject competency, the ultimate goal is to challenge students raise their subject proficiency at least two grade levels or more. The curriculum and materials used are correlated to and compatible with the SSAT elementary level test.


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