Excel Learning Center

Admission to a top private school is one of the most important steps in a child’s life.  At Excel, our SSAT prep program is uniquely designed to build skills and effective strategies to adequately prepare students to maximize their scores.  All sessions are private lessons that are customized to the individual learning needs.  Through SSAT preparation, students not only develop key academic skills but also build confidence to succeed in school.

2017-18 Winter Break SSAT Power Course

We will be offering a SSAT Power Course for Elementary, Middle, and Upper Level during the upcoming Winter Break.  The course is highly recommended for students who want to raise scores and be ready for January 6, 2018 SSAT.


For students who either prepare SSAT ahead or look for a crash course, our SSAT prep program is available throughout the year.  Every year, we feature the following intensive SSAT prep courses during Summer, Fall and Winter Break.

  1. Summer SSAT Foundation Course
  2. Fall Break SSAT Boost Course
  3. Winter Break SSAT Power Course          

The above courses are comprehensively and effectively designed to prepare and empower students to maximize score by:

  • ♦ Effective private sessions focusing on improving student’s weak areas
  • ♦ Sessions taught by experienced instructors specialized in test preparation
  • ♦ Comprehensive review on Math, Verbal, Reading, Writing & Interview
  • ♦ Build exclusive test-taking techniques and strategies

Our past record indicated an average of 30% to 50% increase in the scores for students who participated in our Crash Course during the Winter Break.

2017 Acceptance Rate to Iolani and Punahou School





6th Grade








7th Grade








9th Grade








Note: The calculation was based on the number of students who had completed our full SSAT prep program.

Do you cover every section of the SSAT?

We cover all four sections of the SSAT (Verbal, Math, Reading and Essay) in the prep program. Normally we assign one hour on Math and one hour on Verbal/Reading/Essay.


Do you prepare students with admission interview?

Yes, we provide interview prep to help students feel poise and confident at the interview.


How long are your tutoring sessions?

Our SSAT tutoring sessions are typically 2 hours in length, one hour on Math and one hour on Verbal/Reading.

Lessons can be taken back to back or schedule into 2 different dates.


What is covered in a typical 2-hour tutoring session?

We completely customize our sessions to the needs of the student. A typical tutoring session might include building or reviewing unfamiliar concepts, working through practice problems, or reinforcing tips and strategies.


How much tutoring do I need?

For students without prior SSAT preparation, we recommend about 30-40 hours to set the foundation for the required skills. It takes approximately 3-4 months to complete if scheduled on a weekly basis. However, you may build a customized program that fits the student’s needs and budget. The factors that you should consider when determining how much tutoring you need are your score improvement goal, the amount of time before your SSAT test date, and your budget. Students pass the foundation level will move into the scoring level, this is when we measure the points improved.  Many students who complete our full prep program can yield an average of  80-120 points improvement.

How much homework do you assign?

We understand students are busy with school work and extra-curricular activities. During the session, the tutor will assign an appropriately level of homework for the student. For weekly sessions, a typical homework may be 1-2 hours per week.


When can I schedule SSAT tutoring?

SSAT tutoring can be scheduled on both weekdays and weekends. The dates and times (Monday-Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday 8am-5pm) are very flexible and depends on the availability of our tutors. Most students arrange tutoring on a weekly basis.


How do I sign-up for tutoring?

Please email us at info@excellearningcenter.net, or call us at (808) 955-9388.


What is your cancellation policy?

For any tutoring session that is cancelled more than 24 hours beforehand, no cancellation fee will be incurred. For sessions cancelled within 24 hours, a fee equivalent to 1 hour of tutoring will be charged.


What if I am not happy with my tutor?

At Excel, we only hire the best. We are confident that you will find each of our tutors engaging and effective. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your tutor, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to make any necessary adjustments.