Excel Learning Center
The premier tutoring center in Hawaii

Subject Enrichment

  • Basic Math (grade K to 7th)

Help students strengthen their understanding of key concepts in math while placing emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students gain a solid concept of basic facts as well as fluency with operations.

  • Advanced Math (grade 8th to 12th)

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics. Applying the most effective approach to these math courses, some students are able to complete one year’s worth of math curriculum in three months. Our math instructors are also experienced in teaching higher level math, for instance Honors, AP, and material for students in Math Leagues.

  • Reading Comprehension (all grade levels)

Students learn to read and think critically, develop ability to draw inferences, understand broader scope and global concepts, recall details and expand their vocabulary.

  •  Writing Skills (all grade levels)

Students learn to organize their ideas and effectively communicate their thoughts in writing, strengthen grammar usage, and build and expand vocabulary. These are essential tools to improve writing skills.

  • Science (all grade levels, Honors, IB, AP) - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science

Our science instructors will bring the latest discoveries in science as well as the enthusiasm of the science discipline to students.

  • Languages

Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Spanish, French Native speaking instructors will bring fun and excitement to students as they learn a new language and culture.

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