Excel Learning Center

Power Reading & Math Enrichment (Grades 1-9)

Excel’s academic-enrichment courses are carefully designed to help students in grades 3-9 get a head start on developing the knowledge necessary for academic success.  Students build foundational skills in reading, writing, and math that will help them excel in virtually every class they will encounter in middle and high school. 

SSAT Prep for Elementary, Middle & Upper Level (Grades 2-7)

We understand admission to a top private school is one of the most important steps in a child’s life. Our SSAT Prep Course is designed to build key skills and effective strategies to adequately prepare students for the test.  One-on-one individualized tutoring sessions are customized to meet the learning needs of the students and are designed to maximize test-taking techniques and scores.  The course will cover vocabulary building, reading comprehension, math, and essay writing.  The prep sessions will also teach students time management and key test taking strategies.

SAT Prep Course (Grades 9-11)

SAT is a crucial part of the college admission process.  Students are easily intimidated by the SAT which is almost a four hours long test.  Excel’s SAT summer prep program is designed to give students the skills they need to master it.  All sessions are individualized covering Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. Our qualified, experienced SAT instructors will help student get intimately familiar with the format of the SAT, learn strategies to identify the concepts being tested in each question, recognize and improve their weak areas, and ultimately raise scores.

Daily program with flexible start/end dates between June 12 to August 15




Total Hours


4 weeks

40 hours

Mon-Fri am/pm

2 hours/day


5 weeks

50 hours

Mon-Fri am/pm

 2 hours/day


6 weeks

60 hours

Mon-Fri am/pm

2 hours/day


Choose from 4-week, 5-week or 6-week course

Monday through Friday, 2 hours per day

Morning schedule:  
Select time between 9am-12pm
Afternoon schedule:
Select time between 1pm-5pm

Weekly program with flexible start/end dates between June 12 to August 15

Set up a weekly schedule with one to one individual sessions in the afternoon

Special discounted rate offered in summer only

Registration fee:
$150 (apply to newly enrolled students – include materials)

Early Registration: 
5% discount for full payment made by April 20

Sibling Discount: 
5% discount to second child (cannot be applied same time with early registration)

Cancellation fee: 
10% of tuition before April 15
50% of tuition from April 15 to start date
No refund on/after start date

Payment plan: 
1st payment – upon registration
2nd payment – 2 weeks before start date
3rd payment – 2 weeks after start date